Apoala Waterfall

We head northwest out of Oaxaca city to visit the spectacular Apoala waterfall. On our 2.5 hour drive we pass through picturesque, rugged country. The village is situated in a raised valley at the end of which is a shear wall of stone that drops off leading down through the mountains.

We head out on a short walk with our local guide to the little cave that hosts the birth of the river which culminates down stream into the waterfall where we swim. The cave is considered a sacred site for the community where events take place throughout the year. The water is pure and clear and meanders down the valley under the shade of Cyprus trees and through irrigated fields of corn. A picture perfect postcard!

We follow the river back to the van where we pick up our bathing suits, camp chairs and lunch. Now we walk through the corn fields and head over the ridge following the river which cascades over the rocks for more than 100 feet. The pathway down, with many switchbacks and steps, makes for a reasonable trek down and back up again!

We have the opportunity to swim in 2 different pools and then relax on the shore where we enjoy a catered lunch. Here we can investigate the water routes or just relax and enjoy the view.


1-2 guests: 3,500 pesos

3+: 500 pesos per additional guest

Times: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Dates: Available by request

Your day includes all transportation and site entrance fees, guided hike, homemade lunch, snacks, water, drinks, and towels for after your swim .

We limit out outings to 5 guests from the same party, on the day of your choosing subject to availability, of course.

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