San Sebastián de las Grutas

Cathedral high ceilings, an underground river, the earth's own creative rock formations with a few bats make this cave a great and unusual adventure. 

Local guides take us through the cave's 5 different chambers with flashlights and lots of imagination. Openings at both ends allows for ambient temperatures and good air flow, and a nice loop trail into, through and around the cave.

There are two options available at San Sebastián: We can do the walk through the cave, or we can include a repel down 15 meters to the underground river. The repel is only available during the dry season.

After our bit of cave exploration, we relax by the riverside in the shade of the giant cedar trees with homemade lunch and maybe a wade in the river before heading back to Oaxaca.

Your day includes all transportation and site entrance fees, guided hike, homemade lunch, snacks, water, drinks, and towels for after your swim in the river.

We limit out outings to 5 guests from the same party, on the day of your choosing subject to availability, of course.


1-2 guests: 3,000 pesos

3+: 500 pesos per additional guest

River repelling is an additional 120 pesos per person.

Times: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Dates: Available by request

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